Welcome To Change Your Life!

If you feel stuck and need guidance to move your life forward, I can help! With years of clinical experience, I understand and can help you uncover what is holding you back so that you can move forward to create the life you desire to have.

Weight Management

Are you struggling with battles around your weight and would like to overcome them once and for all? What would it mean to you to be free of always thinking about food and how you look? Having more energy and feeling more confident? If you are ready to take action:


Christian Growth

Perhaps you want to have a closer relationship with God but have lost your way in doing so. Life is busy with too many distractions, pulling you away from making time with the Lord a priority. As a result, you may be feeling disconnected and struggling in your own power instead of coming back to your source of strength, the Lord. Through Christian growth coaching, you can gain a vision of God's purposes for you.

Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your life as a result of job changes, children going off to college, or perhaps a relationship ending? It can be scary, and you may feel a bit lost in knowing how to navigate these new waters. Or maybe nothing has changed, but you feel as though something is missing in your life. Change is possible with a life coach to guide and support you to find your passions and next steps. 


Are you struggling with low self-confidence and low self-esteem? Do you worry about what people think of you or that you will be judged by others? At times do you feel that you are "not good enough" or that you have to be perfect to be accepted?