7 Reasons Why Trusting in God is Good for You

Amidst life’s many trials, it can be both humbling and disconcerting to realize that you cannot tackle every challenge on your own. As you rely on God, trusting Him to help you with daily challenges, the progress and spiritual growth you achieve is often life-changing. Although the reasons for relying on God are countless, below are seven ways trusting in God benefits you and strengthens your ability to find peace in your circumstances:

1. Trusting in God keeps you humble

Once you come to terms with the fact that your life is ultimately in God’s hands, your pride lessens and you become more able to be humble, teachable, and grateful. When it becomes difficult to keep perspective, remember that God has the big picture and your best interests at heart—and He will help carry you through difficulties, that may be unimaginable to you. Let go of what you think your life should be, and through faith fully embrace the journey that God has in store.  He is sovereign and will work out His best plans for you, if you will let Him.

2. Trusting in God alleviates stress

Trying to personally manage every single one of life’s trials is not only incredibly stressful, but also nearly impossible. By trusting God, you are able to deal with a portion of fear and anxiety from your life, allowing you to find happiness and peace in your circumstances. God wants to help alleviate your stress—you just have to let Him. He wants to take your burdens because He cares for you (I Peter 5:7).

3. Trusting in God strengthens your relationship with Him

In life, bad things do happen to good people. Often, your trials can seem unfair or feel as though they are more than you can handle. When you are in the midst of suffering, you are encouraged to place your trust in God and to rely on His plan and His timing for you. Through getting meaningful time in the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other like-minded Christians, you can receive answers to your questions and deepen your relationship with God that may have been impossible during “easier” days.

4. Trusting in God gives you new opportunities

As you trust in God, you learn to align your will with His will and to accept the plan He has for you. By letting God take the lead, you open your mind to the new possibilities ahead for you. Do not be afraid of the path He guides you in; but rather embrace the opportunities and be excited for the future.

5. Trusting in God helps strengthen you where you are weak

No matter how strong your faith is, completely relying on God can be a difficult concept to put into practice. If, despite your best efforts, you struggle with asking for guidance and allowing God to take control of your life, you are not alone. Rather than feeling discouraged or hopeless, look at this as a chance for God to be strong in your weaknesses. There is much to be gained from trusting in God, and you have the potential to emerge from your trials as a wiser, stronger, and happier person (II Cor. 12:9-10).

6. Trusting in God teaches patience

One of the most difficult parts of trusting in God is trusting in His timing. During trying times, you may feel as though your prayers are going unanswered and that blessings are being withheld from you. In reality, however, God loves you and wants you to experience fullness as you put your faith in Him—often resulting in His answering prayer or providing a solution at an “inopportune” moment. God’s timing is perfect, and patiently waiting for Him can be difficult to find in our world of instant gratification. When you learn to trust God, you learn to accept His timetable and find peace in His plan.

7. Trusting in God allows Him to bless your life

In order for God to bless all aspects of your life, you need to exercise strong faith in Him and in His purpose. By actively spending time with God each day, you strengthen your faith in Him and pave the way for deeper intimacy and blessings. As you learn to trust God to carry you through the hard times, you gain increased confidence to ask for His help in all areas—leading to a richer, more fulfilling, and purposeful life.